For all workshops, the process is to evaluate the specific needs and objectives, customize the workshops to meet those needs, and develop accountability to sustain the learning.

Exceptional Customer Service



Exceptional Customer Service

  • 68% of customers leave companies because of perceived indifference
  • It costs 6 times more to attract new customers than to keep current ones
  • Satisfied customers tell 5 people
  • Unsatisfied customers tell at least 9 people

Unfortunately, these days, we all know that typical customer service interactions are mediocre at best – but what about those places we go back to time and time again because of how we are treated?

This interactive workshop will show how employees can create positive and memorable experiences for their customers, both external and the internal customers we work with every day. We explore the value of repeat customers and the cost of those that leave angry. How we can understand more about what they want, and why their impressions are so important to the organization and future business.

Mary brings customer satisfaction experiences from Disney to Healthcare and provides you with the insights, expertise, and tools to create outstanding customer service interactions and a direct competitive advantage.

Available in 1–4 hour workshops



On-Purpose in Business

Based on the books The On-Purpose Person and The On-Purpose Business by Kevin W. McCarthy this workshop introduces the concepts and tools to clarify your unique two-word purpose statement, vision, mission, and values both personally and for your business.

You’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Discover the two-word purpose for your business – why you exist to serve
  • Understand the On-Purpose Service Model
  • Create your business vision and missions
  • Develop a process for employee engagement and alignment
  • Enable better decisions on your highest values in business

Available in 3-6 hour workshops

Leadership Growth



New Leader Transition

When a new leader joins a team, there is a transition period where both staff and leader try to effectively guess the others’ style, expectations and preferences.

Staff member questions are:

  • What does the leader expect?
  • How do they like to be communicated with?
  • How do they define a top performer?
  • What makes them mad?
  • What keeps them up at night?

The workshop accelerates this process and includes both the leader and the team. The mutual benefits from this session come from understanding both the team and leader’s styles, establishing working agreements of how they will work together and supporting each others needs and goals.

Available as a 3 hour workshop




Leading Through Change

Change is constant within organizations, but when major change comes along, it is important for leaders to be prepared to guide their teams safely to the other side of growth and transition.

This workshop will help leaders understand:

  • The Who – team dynamics that are critical to understand in times of change
  • The What – typical responses to change and how different people respond
  • The How – successfully lead and navigate the bumpy waters of change and uncertainty

Available in 2–4 hours workshops

We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Change Management. The level of engagement was truly high; a testament to your facilitation skills and interest in the material.
—Myrna Bell
Human Resources East Division
McDonald’s USA




Leading Yourself and Others

The best leaders know first how to lead themselves – this workshop explores both personal leadership and the great leadership strategies from Disney and other major clients.

Your leaders will come away with:

  • New insights about their personal leadership
  • Understanding how best-of-class companies teach their leaders
  • An action plan for themselves to improve their leaders
  • New motivation to lead themselves and their teams

Available in 2–4 hour workshops




Becoming an On-Purpose Person

This workshop is based on the book The On-Purpose Person by Kevin W. McCarthy and introduces the tools to clarify your unique two-word purpose statement, your long term vision, the missions that will get you there, and your personal values.

You’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Invest time, talents and assets in what’s most important
  • Discover your two-word personal purpose statement
  • Align your life and business worlds
  • Manage conflicts
  • Create your personal vision
  • Enable better decisions on your highest values in life

Available in 1–4 hour workshops

Team Building




Building a Highly Effective Team

Teamwork takes focus – it is critical to have trust, a common purpose and vision, understand different styles, and establish communication and behavior commitments to create a great team.

This engaging workshop includes:

  • Research on the attributes of highly effective teams
  • Understanding how to engage and be engaged
  • The Judging to Valuing Ladder
  • Attributes of successful team players

Available in 1-3 hour workshops

Recent Workshop Participants comments:

• I LOVED this speaker! She was engaging and funny and informative!!!
• I did not think this would be relevant to me because I do not manage a team. I found the content very interesting and engaging.
• Loved this program. Mary was very knowledgeable and entertaining to listen to. Bring her back for another topic!




Managing Conflict

Conflict is not fun, but it is part of life and teams. It can actually be a healthy aspect that drives the best and most creative decisions! The most effective teams realize that it exists, and they learn how to manage it within the workplace.

Teams will walk away knowing:

  • The keys to managing conflict
  • How to work with different styles and generations
  • Keys to building team trust
  • How to avoid toxic words

Available in 1–4 hour workshops