As the leader you need to pull the team together to plan, think, and connect. Taking the time to get people’s heads around the challenges and opportunities allows them to be working on the same page, to achieve the same goals, on the same timetable.

Managing a retreat encompasses thoughtful planning, agenda design, facilitation, and follow-up to accomplish a productive, yet fun and energetic experience.

We listen, design, manage, facilitate, and follow-up your retreat to address your business issues, team dynamics, and strategic objectives–accomplishing your goals! Our experience with for profit and not-for-profit organizations ensures that your retreat is a successful turning point for your organization.

Your unique advantage with On-Purpose Partners is that we are strategists who facilitate rather than facilitators who do retreats. We get to the heart of the matter. To your benefit, you get a retreat designer, a facilitator, and a seasoned business consultant all in one!

Your Retreat Package includes:

  • Advance planning and design:
    • Pre-planning consultation to understand goals, strategic issues and team dynamics
    • Pre-surveys with attendees – their confidential answers offer insights, help guide the design of the agenda, and engage participants in advance to accelerate the substance of the dialogue.
  • Development of a customized agenda with outcomes based on your objectives.
  • Day of the retreat facilitation:
    • Facilitation and management of the day
    • Insights and advice as appropriate
    • Record-keeping of the event
  • Post-retreat report:
    • Flip chart records with key decisions made and next steps
    • Executive summary of observations and recommendations

I have been chairing a Faculty Compensation Taskforce for two years now, and with Mary’s help, we are now finally ready to move towards closure on this issue. Mary did a fabulous job facilitating a very difficult topic. This was the most productive meeting we have had on this issue to date and we could not have done it without her. I have received comments from people saying that this was the best-run session they have ever attended at Valencia Community College.
—Maryke Lee
Chair – Faculty Compensation Taskforce, Valencia Community College