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GROW your business, ENERGIZE customer service, or clearly DIFFERENTIATE yourself?


Gain clarity on WHO YOU ARE and what you do best?

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Mary’s book Facilitation Made Easy –
A Survivor’s Guide to Great Meetings

Facilitation Made Easy is a must read for anyone wanting to host a successful meeting. Mary gives a practical, applicable and easy to implement guide to facilitation – all served up in a personable, engaging and fun to read style that is quintessential “Mary”.”
—Jody J. Dreyer, Author and Business Advisor

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Mary is an optimistic connector – bringing energy, broad awareness, humor and sensitivity to helping people and businesses find solutions.

-Disney Executive



All consulting arrangements start with your definition of success, leading to a customized plan and process to meet your needs and objectives whether it is:


Engaging workshops are key to changed behavior—and more fun! We’ll work together to customize your workshop to specifically meet your needs and goals.


As a trusted coach, Mary provides focus, a fresh perspective, accountability, tools and a plan to ensure your personal and business success.