Two coaching opportunities to be On-Purpose

1. Refine My Purpose Coaching Session

With an online tool, you can discover your 2-word purpose in under five minutes for US $20.

Original version

Christian version

Once you choose your initial two words, Mary offers a one-hour phone session to dig deeper and refine your unique purpose – $150.00

Thank you for my Refine My Purpose session. I feel so free and empowered. It is thrilling to have words around your purpose and to really get a better handle on the thing that God made us to do. My purpose statement fits me deeply!


2. On-Purpose Person Coaching Program 

Partnering with Mary gives you the opportunity to focus on what’s most important to you, tackle key issues, and plan next steps.

On-Purpose Partners coaching has proven and established processes with a beginning, middle and end.

On-Purpose Person Coaching is for individuals who seek to:

  • Live their passion and do what they do best
  • Focus on what’s most important
  • Identify their unique two-word purpose statement
  • Feel satisfied rather than stressed
  • Be On-Purpose!

The On-Purpose Person coaching process is based on Kevin W. McCarthy’s book, The On-Purpose Person.

We will work together to explore and clarify

  • Your current state
  • Your “wants” in the seven life categories: financial, work, family, spiritual, physical, intellectual and social
  • Your two-word Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values
  • How to achieve your goals and dreams

It includes eight one-hour sessions working through an On-Purpose Person Workbook. Each week, we will cover several sections. There is prep work for each session – about 45 minutes per week.

Sessions are flexible to your schedule – in person or by phone. We will identify the best time each week to stay focused on the process and your personal journey.

Here is your opportunity to truly be On-Purpose – it’s life-changing!

I am a raving fan of yours now. The process is great – but you make it more impactful and enjoyable through your facilitation, insight, wisdom, and spirit. Because of you, I have clarity on my calling and I will stop questioning and doubting and start trusting and living ‘on purpose’ faithfully.

Lisa Schultz
Chief Human Capital Officer,
CNL Shared Services, Inc